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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 5, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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and there's even a tweet to prove it. "one ought ot walk to neighborhood middle schoool. without being scared." not even 24 hours afte a tech mogull's run from the law is over. >> we'll not be able to walk to a neighborhood middle school without being so scared. >> not even 24 hours after another bloody night in oakland. neighbors demand answers. mayor quan's response to the latest
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violence. >> and state lawmakers get a great deal on cars they now own. and guess what? you paid for it. developing news out of silicone valley. millionaire and antivirus software tycoon john mcafee has been arrested in guata mala. he has been -- guatemala. he has been on the run since early november. he refused to turn himself into authorities in beliz where he is a person of interest in the shooting death of his next door neighbor. he believes he is a victim of government conspiracy. >> the story has to get out. i have documentation that proves the intense corruption at all levels of the belizian government. now that i am safe, i can speak freely. >> he was arrested for entering guatemala illegally.
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he is facing deportation back to beliz. oakland police have fended off the feds for now. the city cut a last-minute deal with civil rights authorities to avoid a full-scale takeover of the department. a person would be appointed by a judge and paid by the city. both sides can claim a partial victory. >> reporter: the plaintiffs will now have someone within the department answerable to the court to make sure that changes are made. if they aren't made, they can go to the court and ask for changes in the police chief and the command staff. the city gets to hold onto its popular police chief and another shot at making things good with the plaintiffs. what they avoid is a complete federal takeover, an embarrassment for the city and could also lead to a judge
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telling them they don't have enough cops and order them to hire more. crime was the subject of a neighborhood meeting in oakland a few hours ago. the mayor was there, so was the police chief. neighbors tell reporter linda yi that it seemed to be all talk. >> reporter: the mayor and police brass admitted upfront, violent crime is on the rise. specifically robberies. self hundred people came to this meeting with questions about their safety. the chief offered assurances. deputy chiefs, runt, all talked -- lieutenant, all talked about program after program. the focus of this meeting, crime prevention. but the multiple shootings that happened lan-24 hours ago, they were never mentioned. one of them, a man hit by a stray
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bullet 3 blocks away. there were four people shot in this neighborhood. but you didn't address it. >> there are breakout rooms where people in that beat can talk about those specific crimes. >> they bring data, the data never up-to-date, and they're always playing catchup with what happened yesterday. >> are you convinced there are solutions? >> no! no! how could you feel that? >> reporter: the mayor promised change is coming. >> we have to have more police officers and we also have to have more chances and opportunity. >> reporter: catherine is not convinced issue s -- safety issues are at risk.
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>> it's very upsetting. we won't be able to walk to a neighborhood middle school without being so scared. a woman riding her bike near school is gunneded down. and tonight, her kill serstill out there -- killer is still out there. it started as an accident in berkeley late last night. investigators scoured the scene for evidence. >> reporter: two dozen homicide detectives returned to the screen this afternoon to look for more afternoon in the killing of pamela meulens. they scoured -- mullins. >> it happened right here in front of that school. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they heard people arguing and 1 shot shortly before midnight. the first 911 caller didn't know about the shooting.
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the caller saw mullins bleeding from the head. >> it does appear she might have been on the bike, but we're still trying to confirm everything. >> i still can't believe it. it's too close to me. >> reporter: family and friends say mullins was a sweet woman who just starred a nearby -- started a new job. >> he was really nice, and made you laugh. >> all she did was work and hang out and talk to everybody. everybody around here knows her. >> reporter: why would someone kill a popular woman in the neighborhood? her relatives set up this make shift memorial this evening. >> she was nice. >> everybody love d her. >> reporter: police don't have a motive in this killing, and they don't know if she was targeted. this is berkeley's fourth homicide of the year.
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norman welsh pleaded guilty today to five felonies. he was arrested last spring trying to sell drug evidence. he cried in court today and apologized to his father for bringing disgrace to the family name. he'll be sentenced in february. it's been a year since state lawmakers lost a pretty sweet perk! free cars. many were so fond of their rides they decided to buy them back. but cbs 5's sharon chin tells us they made a new improvements first! and guess what paid for that? >> reporter: three days before senator ellen corbitt surrendered her prius, she got a 55 vehicle inspection, a new water pump, drive belt, and gps
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update. taxpayers paid more than $800. then she bought the car for personal use. her staff declined comment. 37 of the 64 lawmakers eventually bought their state-issued cars. that's after taxpayers paid $78,000 in repairs and maintenance in the months before they gave them up. from oil changes to new parts. >> unfortunately they made a mistake, and i think some of them hope it wouldn't be figured out by the public. >> reporter: california was the only state to have a perk for cars until a year ago. the program was ended to $55 million a year. some -- -- $5 million a year. this chevy tahoe wracked up thousands of dollars of work. the car was nearly
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100,000 miles. he bought it weeks later. >> as a taxpayer, it's my money going to it, so it's frustrating. >> it sounds like we're getting ripped off. [ laughter ] >> doesn't sound fair at all. we work really hard for our money. >> reporter: when lawmakers gave up their car, they got auctioned to dealers, they told me. lawmakers could then buy their cars. the cost. construction materials. labor costs. but when an agency like bart launches a major project, any number of things can drive up the cost. but the extension toward san jose has hit a unique program: birds. and a lot of them! the price tag has soared into the millions of dollars.
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>> we had a sense of what we were going to get into, but we didn't understand the magnitude of it. >> reporter: who could imagine that red tailed hawks, house finches and doves could be so stubborn? 550 acres of prime nest aring area is along the -- nesting area is along the pacific highway. >> during the peak of construction in 2011, it was just -- i thought we were at war with birds. it was like the movie "birds." they were coming out of everywhere. >> reporter: something had to give. it was not going to be the birds. one morning, they tried 11 times in one day to build their nest. bart tried making the areas unappealing. >> we tried sprinklers, we tried reflective tape, ribbons everywhere waldo canyon firy tried what we -- reflective tape
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everywhere. >> reporter: but once the nest had eggs in it, the work crews were stopped in their tracks. >> there was a case where a house finch pair decided to nest in a wheel well on a flat-bed trailer that was loaded with reenforcing steel. the trailer couldn't be moved. >> reporter: bart thought it would cost them about $90,000 to accommodate their feathered friends. it ended up costing them about $5 million. $17,000 a nest. >> it's going way beyond what you would consider a principal use of protection to the environment. >> reporter: bart says it would have cost them more if their project had been delayed or if they violated the laws and were fined. the extension is expected to be completed in 2015. if the birds continue to be a problem, bart is going to have to continue to pay.
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the dungeness crab season just got started, and already the boats are idle. boat workers are on strike in a despite over prices. the problem bubbled to the surface sunday when crabbers heard frish brokers were going to -- fish brokers were going to drop the price to $1.80. fish brokers say demand for crab dropped off sharply after thanksgiving. he was without a doubt one of the bay area's coolest cats, and an american original. >> rhythm is an international language. >> and his music was beloved around the world. we're going to "take five" to remember the late, great, dave brubeck. >> and if you needed a jolt of holiday cheer to get you in the spirit, here it is! we'll take you inside one of the country's largest light displays. >> rain is moving out, and dry
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weather is moving in, but tonight the culprit you need to know about!
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after hours. nasa constructed this look at our little rock using cloud- fre night images from a new wear satelite. it's our best l this is earth after hours.
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nasa constructed this picture using images from the new weather satellite. one scientist put it "unlike humans, the earth never sleeps. ." one livermore light display is the biggest in the bay area. elizabeth cook is live. >> reporter: i have a question for you. have you set up your christmas decorations yet? >> yes, i have! >> reporter: you have! okay. well, let's see how yours compare to this. >> wow! >> reporter: this is dave's house of the doves! this year's theme: elfland. it was selected as hd tv's top-10 home displays in the u.s. and beat out the guinness book of world records for the most lights.
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and that national christmas tree with its 80,000 lights, it makes that look like charley brown's christmas tree. >> in is just over the top! >> it's sort of one of the first things we always do every year. it's just magical for me. >> reporter: it's a tradition that began 30 years ago by deacon dave. >> i wanted to do something for people of all faiths. >> reporter: he began with setting up a few lights around his livermore home. >> probably the buildings were this big, and it was a little miniature elf village along one side of the driveway. >> reporter: the display attracts thousands of people every year, many of them children who are mesmerized by the display. >> it's more spiritual than
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religious, perhaps. >> reporter: what do the neighbors think? >> i think it's fabulous. >> reporter: she has lived across the street from his display since 1989. >> a little tough to compete with the deacon. we don't even try. >> i got to ask you. what's your peing peing pg&e bill? >> i don't tell anyone. i can guarantee you , i am sitting down when i open the bill. but if anybody wants to pay it, we'll trade. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they have set up the only industrial transformer in a residential neighborhood to keep the power on for the rest of the neighbors! the display is open every night till 9:00 at night. and on the weekends till 10:00 pm, and it closes new year's eve at midnight.
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>> to the untrained eye, deacon dave is throwing down quite a show there. but i can tell he's pretty green! because a lot of that is l. e. d.! >> reporter: he's definitely keeping up with the times. >> well, god bless you, deacon. [ laughter ] the music world is mourning bay area jazz man dave brubeck tonight, a day shy of his naekd birth -- 92nd birthday. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> he was born in concord and found his sound at mills college. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: dave brubeck's music was a defining sound of jazz clubs in the 50 -- '50s and
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'60s. >> are there any rules are if improvization? >> you bet your life there are! and the rules in jazz would scare you to death! >> reporter: the son of a california cattle rancher and a classically trained pianist, he had a natural ear for melodies. >> it's like a baseball player or any athlete, he's only good when he instinctively does the right thing. >> reporter: the dave brubeck quartet's signature tune, take five, appeared on their landmark album, timeout. it was the first jazz album to sell 1 million copies. the opening cut, was taken from a street rhythm in >> steve: stan bull. >> >> reporter: throughout his
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career, he was an ambassador for music. in 1988, he played at the rig in gorbachev's summit in moscow. >> all these people that almost hated each other were swinging! >> reporter: in 1994, president clinton awarded him a national medal of the arts. >> i'll never forget the first time when as a high school musician, i discovered that i could actually play the saxophone lead in take five. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in 2009, the kennedy center honored his 6 decades of creation and invention. >> rhythm is an international language. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: dave brubeck spoke it fluently.
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good evening, everyone. today's high, 58 at the airport in concord. but it was the rain
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that made the big headline. outside right now, the rain is ending in the city by the bay. a little bit of fog developing however. but interesting enough, we had some hefty rainfall totals over the past 24 hours. anywhere from 0.30 of an inch of rain to over 1 full inch in san francisco. these are impressive totals. i tallied it up to see the precipitation in comparison to last year. and almost 100% above last year's rainfall total at this time of the year is san francisco, also santa rosa, san jose. last year only 77% of normal. today, 138%! rain has ended. tonight, clouds and areas of fog, into the 40s and 50s. tomorrow we will see some areas of heavy fog. otherwise, the fog lifts,
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reveals plenty of sunshine. it's time to dry out. high pressure building in with the quick passage of today's front. with the sunshine, numbers are pretty similar to what they were today. 50s at the beaches, 60s peninsula. san francisco spot on for this time of the year, 50s, 60s across the north bay. extended forecast, not a raindrop in sight each and every day, a fuel string of sunshiny days! i have a sunny day for the cal football program! [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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made it official tongight ar firing jeff tedford two wees ago...start the clock the team made it official after firing jed tedford. an impressive 9-3 record and just his 3rd year. the bulldogs have the top ranked offense in the country. takes over a cal team that went 3-9. only 11,000 in the palace of auburn hills to see the warriors and pistons tonight. harrison barnes taking it to the rack! he had 10, and the warriors led by 10. klay thompson just explodes. but curry is king right now!
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he is amazing. warriors win. kobe bryant , he becomes the youngest player ever to hit 30,000 career points with this drive against the hornets. he is 34 years old. the lakers win 103-87. can you name the other four that have 30,000 career points? >> wow. jerry west? >> no. [ buzzer ] >> kareem? >> that's two ! two more! [ laughter ] >> michael -- >> jordan! music's, ready !
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